"In the Giglio Island a handful winegrowers
brings forth millennial excellence,
against nature and bureaucracy"
Pier Paolo Giglioni

The Investment Wine


Giglio Island

Giglio island

Toscana - Italia
This wine, produced entirely by hand from heroic vineyards, comes from the steep slopes of the Island of Giglio which plunge into the Mediterranean.
It dies in the glass of the 300 men who every year will have the strenght and fate to own it and offer it in honor of a victory, of a moment which deserves to be remembered in their lives, in their history.
Only 300 bottles to be enjoyed and 300 bottles to be preserved, bearing withness and keeping alive the historical memory of this period and of the giants who lived it”.
The coterie of the 300.
...from a dream by Pier Paolo Giglioni


The biceps bracelet

The symbol
Forged by skilled craftsmen is made of silver, in only 300 copies.


Only 300
Only 300 bottles to drink and 300 bottles to store.


A wine to possess, to tell, to remember, unique and unforgettable experience.



Ansonica is a DOC wine whose production is permitted in the province of Grosseto. The wine is obtained from the homonymous native grape variety present in the area of Monte Argentario and on the Island of Giglio where it assumes the aforesaid denomination.
Ansonica requires special microclimatic characteristics, with intense sunshine, high temperatures and low or very low precipitations, particularly during the vegetative phase.

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Color: straw yellow more or less intense
  • Aroma: characteristic, slightly fruity, with hints of Mediterranean scrub
  • Sapore: dry, soft, lively and harmonious

Serving suggestions

For its characteristics, Ansonica is served at temperatures of 8-10 ° C and can be matched in general with all fish dishes (appetizers and sea salads, first and second) and vegetable soups; Recently, it has also been well-known that the combination with sushi. In addition, it is very well-known with seafood and oysters, with which it matches even better than champagne. Inimitable also as a meditation wine.


PERSEO&MEDUSA is a site wine vinified like red. It's all natural, where, thanks to the strong drought and salinity, the use of sulphites is not only extremely limited, but almost symbolic.

Perseo & Medusa S.R.L.S.
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